The Names of the Books of the Bible - and their meanings.

One of the extremely cool things about the Bible is that every name has a meaning. Here is a list of all the books of the Bible, along with the meanings of those names. Enjoy!



                              Genesis                         "Beginning"

                              Exodus                          "Out of"

                              Leviticus                       "Law"

                              Deuteronomy               "Second Law"

                              Ruth                               "Friend"

                              Joshua                          "Yahweh is salvation"

                              Samuel                          "God has heard"

Amos                             "Burden"

Hosea                             "To Save"

Joel                                 "Yahweh is God"

Micah                              "Who is like Yahweh?"

Isaiah                               "Yahweh is Salvation"

Zephaniah                       "He Whom God Has Hidden (Protected)"

Habakkuk                        "To Embrace"

Jeremiah                          "Yahweh has lifted up"

Jonah                               "Dove"

Nahum                             "To Comfort"

Obadiah                          "Servant of Yahweh"

Daniel                              "God is my Judge"

Ezekiel                            "God Strengthens"

Haggai                            "Festival"

Zechariah                       "Yahweh Remembers"

Malachi                           "God's Messenger"

Ezra                                "Help (from God)"

Nehemiah                       "Comforted by Yahweh"

Esther                             "Star"

Solomon                         "Peace"

Ecclesiastes                    "Teacher/Preacher"

Proverbs                         "Wisdom"  

Psalms                            "Songs/Music"

Job                                  "Persecuted/Tested"

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