Course Descriptions


Old Testament Survey 1

Suggested Age: 12 and up         Prerequisites    None


The students will learn about the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy) as the foundation of the Old Testament. The students will also learn about the history of the Old Testament through the reign of David. The students will be encouraged to memorize key old testament verses, to sharpen their swords in learning to carry out the work to which God has called them, and to grow in devotion to the Lord. Finally, the students will be given opportunities to practice the principles of inductive Bible study, helping them become strong in studying the primary text (the Bible) and not secondary texts (other writers).


A Touch of Greatness: A Study in Daniel

Suggested Age 12 and up                                                      Prerequisites        None


·         To study the book of Daniel with an eye for preparing students to successfully walk with God through a life in which nonbelievers and godless patterns of behavior often times heavily influence the cultures in which we live.

·         To better understand God’s vision of greatness: helpful love and service – not selfish ambition.

·         To understand that it is possible to be both godly and successful in this life.

·         To notice that Daniel was more successful than his peers precisely because of his relationship with God.

·         To notice Daniel’s trust in God’s word as a reliable source of knowledge that is pertinent to real life: to recognize that faith and science don’t exclude one another, but that God’s word is the first and most reliable authority.

·         Also to understand that through our relationship with God and through humility, anyone can live out greatness in God’s Kingdom, that nobody is disqualified.

·         To understand God’s love for mankind as those created in His image, and to understand His heart to be reconciled to mankind.

·         To notice that through seasons of brokenness, God restores people to the greatness for which He created us all.




Business and Finance - Lessons from 20 years experience.

Suggested Age 12 and up                                      

Prerequisites        None

Purpose - Students learn how to use both the left and right portions of their brain to study, comprehend and use powerful concepts. The course includes lessons from successful investors.

· Money - what it is and how it works

· How to honor God by the way we use money

· Tithing - proof that it works, the emotional, monetary, psychological and spiritual benefits

· How an economy grows, why it stalls, and how it can crash

· Investing vs Speculation

· Debt, what it is, how to use it, how to not get into bad debt, how to get out of bad debt if you are already there

· The emotional investor and how not to be one

· How a business operates

· Why businesses need to raise capital

· Burn rate and managing the blank spaces in the company · Where businesses raise capital (angel investors, private equity firms, stock exchanges, etc.)

· IPO (it's probably overpriced)

· Financial newsletters (the good, the bad and the ugly)

· Investors with a 70% success rate are at the top of the class

· Bonds

· Real Estate

· Stocks

· Special Situations

· How to make money

· How to analyze a business (case studies)

· How to construct an investment portfolio (practical application)

· How to smell a rat (and not invest in that business)

· Buying, holding and selling

· Market-timing (why it's almost impossible, the math and the humanity)

· Behavioral finance (what it is, why we care, and what to do about it)

· Inflation and deflation

· The media as background noise (why and how to extract useful information from the media without being overwhelmed or unduly influenced)